I Quit.

I think I'm done with league, I'm so tired of getting permabanned, and I just got suspended... Again.... I can't do it, it's not even the game that infuriates me, it's the fucking annoying ass ranked Smurfs that plague casual play, boast like they're actually good when it's low levels 1-30 unranked, flashing their mastery and taunt spamming. I literally get suspended and banned for the same reasons, I want a nice clean win with my main champion and I never get it cause of dumb shit, I eventually go off in chat and then I'm out. Love how you people start shit with bming in chat and then the minute I go off on you, you want to run to the report button laughing away cause you managed to not only get despised by someone but also possibly made them lose all their shit they worked hard on, all because you couldn't stop being a dick. But you know what, it's whatever, you won. I give up. I give up trying to prove I can keep an account past level 40 and keep it for more than just 3 months before it's banned, I give up trying to become a streamer for league. I give up, trying to be one of the best Anivia mains in NA. Even when my account gets released from suspension, I'm not even gonna bother with it. Seems like that's the only way it'll last more than 3 months. I just give up.
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