Riot says Losing Lane is INTING, no matter the ranks you're against. They deleted my post.

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If anyone says that this game was me Inting, Idk wtf inting is. Basically I loss lane very hard against the Ornn as Ryze, which is apparently one of the weakest champ right now with one of the lowest win rate. Also, don't forget that Riot's normal matchmaking system is VERY SHXTY, me going against full plat diamonds, and I'M ONLY UNRANKED LOL. I was banned for 2 weeks. I was NOT TOXIC that game, I spoke NOTHING. My WHOLE team flamed at me and yet I stayed quiet because I know I fed the game, but point is that I didn't intentionally fed them. I contacted Riot and they said that they banned me for saying "Was fun inting, not gonna lie". It's true that I said that in post game lobby, BUT it wasn't true that I intentionally fed them. I've only said that to see their raging reactions. **KEY**: **I told RIOT to please check the match's stats and tell me the REASONS why I was banned. They replied back ** _"Hey Shadow Eve, Deme Lovato here - covering for Borrower. I can definitely understand how frustrating this game can get - whether you're on a losing streak or your team isn't cooperating or in this case your team is flaming you - however, I think it's important to remember that there are 9 other players in the game. Intentionally feeding breaches the competitive and sportsmanlike environment that we're trying to cultivate and can ruin the game not just for your team, but for the other team as well who just want to play a normal, competitive, fair game. **In this case, I have personally reviewed your game with my team and we're going to have to say that the suspension was justified.** Keep in mind that this two week suspension will put your account in a dire state and any further instances of negativity (no matter how small) will result in a permanent suspension. While I won't be able to help with the account further, if you have any other questions, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I will be closing the ticket out soon. deme lovato riot games player support diana main"_ SO RIOT DEME PERSONALLY REVIEWED MY GAME, AND SAYS THAT IT WAS AN INTING GAME. ME 1v1-ing the FED DIAMOND 5 VAYNE AT 33 mins AND TRADED KILLS IS STILL INTING. **SO THE POINT IS, LOSING LANE IS INTING. THANKS RIOT, FOR TAKING MY HONOR 4 AWAY.** _**EDIT: 10/29/2017 5:47AM**_ It's past my account's punishment date, and I am unable to download the replay as the current patch isn't compatible with the other patch back in 10/12/2017, which I assume was 7.20. There's not much I can do to prove that I was not inting beside you guys looking at the game's stats. I can just try to explain my early game. =========== Death #1 - Big level 1 fight, caused 6 deaths. I killed Lee Sin. Death #2 - Tp back in lane and literally loss the 1v1 right away Death #3 - Walked to lane then got 1v1'ed Death #4 - I got ganked Ornn Overstayed and I tp'ed back in lane and killed him Death #5 - I overstayed and after he tp, he killed me. I didn't expect him to be immune to my W. Aka first time fighting him in lane. Death #6 - I got dove by Ornn, he was strong enough to tank the tower and kill me. Death #7 - I was getting dove by Lee Sin AND Ornn but my team counter gank. I killed Lee Sin and Ornn killed us 3, Zed, Tahm and I. Death #8 - I outplayed Lee Sin and killed Lee Sin, but Zed and I died to Ornn This early game should be enough for you guys to believe I'm not Inting at all. If you guys don't believe me, you shouldn't even read this. That's all I'm gonna explain for my first 8 deaths. The rest are just late game fights and split pushing deaths. Like c'mon, I even 1v1'ed a D5 Vayne who was way more fed then I was at around 34 mins.
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