Not even a White Knight can deny that League of Legends is a gigantic failure in this aspect...

**Custom/Community content. ** And the worst part is that isn't a good reason for that rather than Riot not wanting to. Throughout the time we had brilliant games that were born from mods or custom game modes. Heck, the MOBA genre was born from a mod, and yet Riot refuses to give us tools to create our own content. * List of games born from mods: Few examples: > Dota - Warcraft 3 > Counter-Strike - Half-Life > Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Half-Life 2 > DayZ - Arma 2 > Auto Chess - Dota 2 _*Dota 2 Auto Chess is rumoured to have +8M players. ( Recently we had news that Blizzard was yet again creating a new game from a popular game mode created by players, meanwhile, Riot refuses to hear veteran players and longtime pro analysts on basic balancing decisions, thus showing that they don't really care about the community. * Source: Like many of you, I'm growing tired of S9 and it's shenanigans and therefore I went looking for fun somewhere else. Luckily I've found a lot of fun creating and exploring new game modes created by players for players using tools given by the Devs that trust me and others with the means to improve their game and push it to its limit. * Check it out: I love LoL, it will always have a place on my heart. I played this game a lot, and with time it went for a place I don't really enjoy anymore.** I feel like it was changed to make more money and attent to a market that I'm not a part of, and I feel that if Riot let me and others create our own content, I could play a game mode for fun and a mode balanced towards something that reminds me of what made me like LoL in the first place.** I really want Riot to create tools to allow us to create and play our own game modes one day. And if they did, I hope they don't make a half ass bs as they did with practice tool. Riot if you're reading, and you're thinking "_We can't make money with this sht_". First, I would gladly pay Ā£50.00 for a downloadable client that allows me to create a custom game mode if others can play for free of course. **But more importantly, if one of us fckrs managed to create something you could use to expand and create a new game that we, your customers, already created a market for it then you could just ripe the fruits of a work you didn't even create, earning billions without having to waste millions in R&D. If that's not mindblowing business investment, then I don't know what is. ** Think about it.
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