Does Riot have any company integrity or good corporate practice?

Every time I see Riot interact with players or the media (involving the last sexism scandal), they come across as a really immature company that is unconcerned with their players (and employees) happiness. I am wondering why Riot seems content to project this image to the world, they seem to behave more like "frat boys" then actual company employees, especially when I've seen Riot representatives in Esports or interacting with people with legitimate concerns over the games direction. Do people think that Riot has any integrity or this simply that this is a United States based company and without a trading standards regulatory body, Riot can behave how they wish without care? I feel sorry for the minority of Riot employees that do come off as decent people because they seem to be drowning in the sea of "frat boy" behaviour, sexual harassment and ditsy female diversity hires. I could not be proud of a company that behaved in this manner.
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