Share All Your Matchmaking Experiences (2017)

I was told by Riot's "Player Support" to post my experiences on the Boards in order to gain traction and shed light on the concerns and views toward League of Legends matchmaking system. Therefore, I am starting this thread to serve as a platform to all others who have had an issue with Riot's Matchmaking, since they appear to be ignoring hundreds of complaints over the last 3-4 years (according to my searches on the Boards). I ultimately hope this serves as informal petition, that with enough engagement, can help Riot forces on improving Matchmaking and their game for years to come. If not, here is a link to an elo boosting site that explains the [MMR system]( and if your account is "fixable." Here is a list of posts expressing their views on Ranked matchmaking I've discovered and read recently during my search. Many posts were made within the last year: 1. [Riot has intentionally forced Ranked to be decided by their matchmaking system]( 2. [The real reason the matchmaking system is so bad - and why Riot has zero intentions of changing it]( 3. [A Statistical Analysis of how Matchmaking is Unfair. Should the Team ELO or Map Should Be Balanced?]( 4. [Riot, your matchmaking is garbage]( 5. [Matchmaking is BROKEN]( 6. [Riot's Matchmaking System Sucks]( 7. [Is the Matchmaking broken in League?]( 8. [Broken Matchmaker in LoL]( 9. [League has become BAD FOR YOU.]( 10. [Your ranked matchmaking system is absolute MESS.]( 11. [When will riot realize that having short games IS NOT FUN](
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