Riot. Give Us Our Ranked Borders Back.

In case you are unaware, patch 9.3 added dynamic borders. This means that whatever your rank is currently.... is represented in the border you have at any given time (loading screen btw). THIS FUCKING SUCKS. One of the main and satisfying rewards of Ranked is that you get a Shiny border showing that last season, you made it to X rank. It doesn't feel good for players who were simply placed lower (many people) to have to be called silver when they were gold. They should be able to SHOW they were gold, not try to convince someone. Not everyone will see your profile armor or want to pay attention to your icon border. It sucks for everyone. S8 Gold's being called silver when that's only what they are right now inst fun. S8 Plats bragging to S8 Diamonds while the S8 plat is CURRENTLY diamond (meanwhile diamond players are currently plat due to wonky placements) IS NOT FUN. Many of us worked hard to achieve and EARN that beautiful border, and to lower its value in such a simple change inst rewarding. Yes, I'm salty because I'm silver at the moment. However, I was gold, and I want to reflect that with my border. In fact, it WAS reflected in my border before the change. It was earned, and whenever I'd drop down to silver, I wouldn't feel as bad because I knew I had the skill to be better and strive to be gold again. It would be better for ranking up divisions too. Imagine you're bronze with no border, and you end up climbing to silver or even gold within a season. It feels good to deny players that call you trash for your border because... hey... you AREN'T bronze. And at the end of the season, you load that magical game and see the wonderful silver/gold/plat/diamond or whatever border you earned, and it's satisfying. I urge you Riot. please give us our borders back. The other UI changes are fine, but I and many other players want their damn borders back. p.s. if there was an announcement about this I missed it.... so if there WAS a chance to refute the change, I would've done it.
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