Fallout 3 is the best game bethesda ever made, reasons inside:

"Liberty Prime is online." "All systems nominal." "Weapons: hot." "Mission: the destruction of any and all Chinese communists." "American will never fall to communist invasion." "Obstruction detected. Composition: titanium alloy supplemented by photonic resonance barrier." "Probability of mission hindrance: zero percent." "Democracy.... is non-negotiable." "Death is a preferable alternative to communism." "Communist detected on American soil. Lethal force engaged." "Tactical assessment: Red Chinese victory—impossible." "Communism is the very definition of failure." "Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom." "Embrace democracy or you will be eradicated." "Democracy will never be defeated." "Voice module online. Audio functionality test initialized. Designation: Liberty Prime. Mission: the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska. Primary Targets: any and all Red Chinese invaders. Emergency Communist Acquisition Directive: immediate self destruct. Better dead, than Red." Sorry but you can't beat this {{champion:432}}
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