After several years I am saying goodbye

I just want to thank everyone and wish you the best. Played since season 3, mostly skipped season 7 because of how terrible it was and grinded my way back to diamond last season but apart from some rare occasions I didn't enjoy the game. Honestly I haven't enjoyed the game as much as back in pre midseason 5. During the past years I have seen League transform into a totally alien game to me. So many of my used to be mains have been reworked into things I hate. League itself has changed completely focussing now on 15-20 minute games instead of the 30-40m. I have made a lot of post on the forum about all the changes, the gameplay, the state of game balance and champ reworks and all to deaf ears and in vain. I understand though if they want to cater towards a new and younger generation and I also feel like moving on. The last 2 months of season 8 I played 1 rank game to prevent rank decay and ever since I haven't even logged back in to see my diamond rewards I was so eager to obtain in the first place. I no longer feel engaged with the game and have lost all will to play it to a point I haven't missed League at all the past 4 months. The game has gone in complete free fall. I don't even watch the channels about League on youtube any more. It is over for me I am not coming back. So thank you for reading this, wish you players all the best and good luck on the Rift for those who have the luxury of still enjoying it!
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