At least the Prestige skins aren't Ultimate skins

This isn't really about League, and I still don't condone the idea of making peopl pay $100 on other content just for the ability to craft a chroma... but I downloaded Smite again after several years of not playing, and it made me appreciate the fact that Riot's business team is far, far more intelligent than theirs. Imagine if you will, that Elementalist Lux were only available for two months. Impossible to get from any random method (chests, gifts, or rerolls) during or after that time. Not only that, but you could only unlock her by paying $20 _after_ buying enough orbs for 100 Prestige tokens. _Especially_ considering that Lux is a fan-favorite and one of the most new-player-friendly characters in the game, just imagine how much profit would be missed out on, and how low an opinion new players would have of Riot as a company for doing such a thing. That is how Smite do. All with the incorrect assumption that profits from the small portion of then-current players, in a game with very few players in general, who feel like they have to have the skin no matter what will outweigh all future profits from new players or even just people who don't play the champ yet. All that can do is push _away_ new players, and create negative player opinion of the game in general. They don't even have the foresight to make the skins just not appear in the client's store, which could lessen the blow to their image. So I'm grateful Riot hasn't (yet?) introduced this practice. Missing out on a Gold chroma, or a recolor from 9 years ago? Sure, that's fine. But sinking all the manpower into an Ultimate-tier skin just to tell new players or even anyone who took a 2 month break "eat a fuckin' dick" is wholly ridiculous.
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