Being able to see teammates runes in champ select?

Why can't Riot update champ select so that you can see your team runes, that way you could notice if they forgot or are playing a different playstyle? Instead of getting into game and realizing your top Malphite{{champion:54}} has predator/precision, going ap vs kled{{champion:240}} and your team actually needed tank {{champion:54}} for that game, you can't do anything about it anymore because you had no knowledge of your teammates intentions, you can't help him/your team out by going another tank to compensate for your teammates intentions, or letting your team know they have the wrong runes for that game if they forgot and you can let them know in champ select chat like when people forget they have {{summoner:11}} unintentionally in any role other than jg. By this logic if we can see teammates summoner spells why can't we see teammates runes as well? Why is being able to see teammates summoner spells prioritized over seeing teammates runes? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} -Edited because my main idea with this post is making a positive change towards the game and not something that comes off as a negative and egocentric idea.
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