Account Hacked and Banned But Not Getting any Help.

To start i have no idea if this is the right Board to post this under so i hope its okay here. I have Been playing LoL for over 4 years now, supporting the game as best i can, and doing my best to fallow the rules; yes i have had a few minor slip ups, and i got penalized for it both a 10 game Chat restrict and a 25 Chat restrict which was fair and well deserved but that was the worst of it, both of those happening years ago. With that out of the way this is were the actual story starts. So as i have been getting busy with school and work i have been finding it harder and harder to find time to sit down and play, but still fitting in games whenever the opportunity comes up, and because i had a vacation coming up where i wouldn't be able to play me and my friend decided to play a late night game (it was a Lux game and we lost), we finished it up, got off and that was the end of it. 22 days later after i got back from the vacation and settled back down into my home, i decided i was gunna play game. When i logged in, it said that my account has been Permanently Banned because i was toxic. I read the chat log that got my account banned and i started thinking back to the last game i played over 20 days ago because one of the lines in the chat log was "Your playing Yi don't talk" and "Yi You just said you like bothering toxic "C**ts". I didn't remember ever saying anything like that (neither did the friend i was playing playing with) but i also didn't remember playing a yi in my last game, so i decided to my account and look at the last game but when i looked there was 14 games played after that Lux game, 6 of which games were qiyana the new champ, that i had not purchased yet because i had not been home and 4 kennen games (which is a champ i think i played in a bit of season 6 and the start of season 7 then never touched again which i feel should look a little bit strange and ill get to why in a little bit) . so SOMEONE that wasn't me, somehow got access to my account, bought a champion, and played games without me knowing a thing about it. At this point i decided to make a Ticket because not only was someone on my account, they got it permanently banned and the reason i know this is because after looking at the games this person played only 2 had a Yi in it, one was a Qiyana game, the other was the most resent game which was a Kennen game as i said before, not solid proof by any means, but should look a little suspicious. In the ticket i explained the situation (and if by chance someone from Riot sees this that actually wants to help me i have all the emails saved.) and the response i got was more than a little disappointing. I was told that an "investigation" was done, and there where no signs of unauthorized access to the account and that they must "ASSUME" that i was in full control, this Rioter the when on to talking about the game and what ever about how "I" was toxic and how its not cool and i agree. ill post it below. [6:26] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): trash [7:17] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): you ran from a 2 v 1 ur trash lmao [16:31] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): im done talking to you lol, ur probs too old for video games anyways [18:40] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): anyeways again ur probs too old for video games just shut up lol [19:16] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): oh so your too young to be playing this game??? kk reported [19:44] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): its fine ur account will be banned [23:45] [All] llNumbersll (Kennen): amaricans are so dumb sometimes lol (Off topic a bit but after reading this chat log, i agree it is somewhat toxic but i dont think what was said here should be a permanent ban, the worse thing i read was what this kennen quoted of the yi like a mentioned above) P.s. I have all the email's if any body thinks this was edited, it wasn't i can show you, but for this Rioters privacy i didn't want to link it because i am not mad at them, i am just upset with the justice system they are required to use. Anyways after the entire shpeel about how "I" was toxic he said something that really caught me attention he said, "Your two weeks suspension was supposed to serve as your account's final warning with the understanding that your very next penalty would result in a permanent suspension." Like i said before prior to this ban the worst thing this account had was a 25 game chat restrict that happened a year or to ago. I received no notification, or email that this 2 week suspension every happened, which is the first issue with there system, when this 2 week temp ban happened had the sent out an email to me saying, hey your account has be banned because of "this" I would have been able to log on and change my password to prevent any further damage to the account. Now that being said i emailed them back again just explaining that it wasn't me playing and that i had no idea about this 2 week suspension. In the same email chain i got a different Rioter respond, again saying "have investigated the account and sadly as there are no signs of compromise on the account I'm sorry to say that this ban will not be changed." To this point i am still wondering what these investigation involve because going though the data on i think there are some pretty clear read flags just through that alone. (if anyone wants to look themselves, my is LLNumbersLL) So after hearing this upsetting message again i went back to, Now i could be totally wrong and maybe i did get a 2 week suspension that i completely forgot about and i am totally in the wrong FOR THIS PART, but if you look, you'll see there is exactly a 14 day period between a Qiyanna game and a Kennen game, that no games were played, so i assume that is probably when this hacker got a 2 week suspension on the account. So again in the same email chain, i asked if there was anyway i could prove that it wasn't me playing during these suspensions because i would, it wasn't me. In this time, i found out that not only did this person get into my account and bought a champ with BE, but i noticed i got billed for $35 from riot games on July 15th when i was away, that is when i got really concerned because that means this person now also had access to my Paypal account (I changed my password as soon as i found out about this) . I messaged again, the same email chain, (now consistently hearing back from the same Rioter) trying to tell him that is wasn't me and now i noticed that a purchased was made was not authorized. and the response i got back actually got me quite frustrated because all he said was "As we've already stated there really aren't any signs of compromise and there's really nothing that can be done for the account." I know that there is a system that the Rioters are required to fallow when dealing with these kind of issues, and i am not mad at this Rioter for fallowing them, what i am furious with, is there protocol, at this point I'm not just asking for for may account back after being hacked, but now there is real money because used to purchase virtual goods on this account, and you are telling me that because your "investigation" didn't show any signs of compromise, im suppose to pretend this unauthorized purchase didn't happen? Are you seriously telling me nothing can be done? If this is the protocol i think someone should down a re-evaluate it because everything just seems so wrong. Now normally for something like this had my account been hacked and banned for any game i would have no issue just starting over and just dealing with unauthorized payment. However like i said I've been supporting this game for the past 3-4 years, and i have put well over $3000 into this account because I've enjoyed playing this game so much. Right now i feel super betrayed by Riot, I know that you are responsible for your account, and it clearly says that they do not give second chances, but when something like this, completely out of a players control happens, why is that player still being punished. Because of this i feel like i am being abused by riots system, and i also feel as if they are stealing $3000 from me, because the reason this account was banned, was not because of me. As i said before, if there is a Rioter willing to look deeper into this and actually try to help me, and not just say 'hey, their nothing we can do", i have every email saved, willing to discord/skype/email/chat if need be, i would really appreciate it because this system or "investigation" really did me dirty. i still love the game but if this is how you treat innocent supporters, there is no way that i can continue to support this game and that really upsets me.
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