Flex Queue, My Bane

TLDR I find flex queue has all the issues of other queues but in a way bigger scale and I find it way too edgy and toxic than solo queue. OOOOOH BOYY. This seson i played 2 of the 10 placement in flex and i left it rot for 3 months. Today i returned to finish them and now I clearly remember ALL THE effing reasons I hate flex queue. I wont talk about these last games that its their fault. I will talk about my personal experience: 1) In this queue because its complete sepatete from solo queue you can see in the same match from bronze to diamond players all together. Like their skills levels is anywhere near. BUT WAIT their flex MMR is the same so the system sees "equally" skilled players. 2) I always wonder if the enemy team has 3-man premades or have 2 2-man premades why my team almost never have the same. 3) If you want to play as solo player in Flex, then you will get into teams with premades and that means you wont get any honor from them (usually) and they flame/back up each other flaming the solo guys. 3.5) Everytime i autofilled jungle and i had queued as solo i get a 4 man or 5 man invade. Suprise suprise my team doenst move like at all. Latet with the lead they invade again jungler+mid or just jungler. Even if i live the fight that lasted up to 8 secs my laners wont move at all even when THEY have lane priority or its the cannon wave so they can come and help and return fast enough. 4)I get more frequent than solo queue, teamates that get triggered so easily that immediately ragequit or like they sit in the base and start the surreder vote, or just afk farm and never group ( eg adc that doesnt want to group and always spilt push and dies alone). Or WORST all the premades stay in base or never group so that minus 2 or 3. They usually dont listen to any reason at all like we got better late game, better teamfight comp etc. They rank shaming ( oh how many times i heard you are silver you are trash from a gold or platinum player in flex) and throw death threats more easily than solo queue. Because > _**its flex who cares, only solo queue matters**_ 5) How many times i have asked have you played the champion ever? In that role? And the answer was no and of cource they didnt play well hence the free defeat. OR _I have seen the korean build for X champion i will try it for 1st time_ = I blindly follow what other do without knowning how it functions and in what situation to build it. I cant remember that any other reason right now but am I crazy? Is flex way more edgy than any other queue? I know that solo and other modes have the same issues but I find Flex to have them in a way bigger scale than other queues.
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