[LEAKED FOOTAGE] Riot Employees insane reaction after playing first ranked game! ( NOT CLICKBAIT ! )

Gold player talks about his ranked flex experience
season 6 gold playing in ranked flex let's you see a lot of innovative shit, most of it makes you laugh until you cry.
Quick Backstory: I hacked Riot and found this insane footage being hidden by the superiors of Tencent Games Inc, it was hidden under several files of wasted caches of data - but once I found it I knew it needed to exposed, and I was the one to do it. This might be taken down by the moderators for security reasons, and I found two other hidden videos I may release later - Riot knows what is wrong with their game and this proves some of it! Uh oh, I hear someone at the door, if this is the last thing I ever type then wish me luck...
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