(Disability Help) Need advice on one-handed mouse setup.

In March 2018 I was diagnosed and operated on for Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain Cancer), and though things have gone well since then I experienced some issues as a result of the tumor and surgery. My motor and sensory cortex in my right hemisphere were damaged, resulting in weakness and "loss of spatial awareness" on my left side (I don't know "where" my arm, leg, fingers, etc. on my left side are unless I'm looking at them). Needless to say... Keyboard is absolutely a no-go. If I want to play LoL at all it has to be one-handed for now. I have a gaming mouse with 12 buttons on the left side, a "left click", two different "right click buttons", a mouse wheel, and a button below the mouse wheel. My current setup is: Left Click: Default (Click to highlight, but no action taken) Right Click (1): Default (Move OR Attack) Right Click (2): Attack-Move Middle Button below Wheel: Recall This I'm happy with... but I jungle so I regularly use "Smite" and can't seem to find a place for it where it's easily accessible but is far enough away from "Flash" so I don't accidentally bump it. The twelve buttons on the side are set up in three rows of four, and I've had the most success so far having QWER clustered in the first two columns of rows #2 and #3. Just wondering if anyone has a gaming mouse setup they could recommend. Also, I can't effectively ping with my current setup. Any suggestions for that?
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