Issues with BE Emporium

Alright, so I have some major qualms with this emporium. Tons of green chromas are for sale... except the one I need. Winter Wonder Neeko's green chroma was released during the previous emporium for 25,000BE which is way higher than any other green chroma is up for. As you all can see, the current chromas are 10,000. So I was pissed as someone who bought every neeko skin, ward, emote, and chroma except for this one chroma that Riot decided to screw me over on. So now she's not even available for sale during this emporium? That's not fair when I've spent over $200 on this champion alone trying to make sure I own everything of hers and nothing in the [BE FAQ]( stated that it would be unavailable. In fact, there's hardly anything you can buy from this blue essence emporium. Just some ugly green chromas for skins you probably don't care enough to own, some icons, and the Urfwick skin. That's it. I can't be the only person majorly disappointed by this terrible BE emporium. You offer nothing during this for anyone really; gemstones for useless skins that are tasteless and honestly look outdated? Or I can get a masterwork chest so I can get more ward skins I'll never use. How about offering champions half off during the essence emporium? Making the discounted/old trashy skins purchasable with blue essence? Even that would be better than this. You might as well not even have an essence emporium if you're not going to actually let us buy anything other than gemstones.
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