Let us pick all 5 roles in draft in order of preference.

So I was thinking that a nice alteration to more reliably let people get what they want in draft, is that instead of having people pick 2 roles and have autofill be rng as to what you'll then get, instead just remove autofill and have people pick all 5 roles, from most preferred to least. So for instance, before queuing I would set the pick at: (Jungle - Bottom - Mid - Top - Support), and then in the event I don't get jungle or bot, I could be put in a top role instead of a support role for instance. We'd still have fill protection though, in the sense that if I play a game where I got either mid, top or support, my next game I would be guaranteed to get one of the first two, either Jungle or Bottom. The point of this is simply to reduce the rng of autofill and hopefully get you a role you'd be more interested to play if you have to do it. Let me know your thoughts.
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