This years "URF" is just Riot advertising the Snowdown skins, nothing more.

It's honestly fucking embarrassing to even call this "URF", the champion pool is consisted of around 30 of the 134 champions. Oh, it's a huge coincidence how they're all snowdown skins huh? Cut the shit Riot, this is by FAR the worst "URF" you have brought to the table, not only can we not even pick which champion we want to use, but 80% of them are poke mages who spam Q and win the game ARAM style. You're getting progressively less creative with your random game modes. From Legend of the Poro King, to Tower Siege, it's just embarassing. You wanna know how bad I wanted to play URF then see that not only I couldn't pick my champion, but see that Riot is just promoting their skins? What a joke, I just left the game before it even started. I can't even be bothered with this.
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