Riot. You better be removing all this stuff for good reason.

Seriously. Have you noticed the amount of stuff Riot has removed from the game in the past few years They've removed game modes They've removed the login screens Have you noticed there hasn't been a 975 RP skin in over a year All this stuff we liked is gone for what I can only assume is Riot trying to save money because...reason, maybe it's on the new games but come the fuck on, LCS makes a shit ton of money with sponsorships and hosts, not to mention its the 3rd most popular sport in the U.S as of now, so you're telling me with all the million nevermind BILLIONS of dollars you spend to fund the game, you still remove shit for the sake of money. Not to mention the stuff they've added Event passes As I said higher-priced skins prestige skins and tokens with the option to buy them Hextech skins Oh and they were going to release Eternals It's just a cash grab at this point, they've sacrificed so much stuff from this game to make other games(The only logical reason I can come up with), and if that's the case then why haven't they told us, it's costing us the client. My friend's list is so broken all the time, not to mention the mobile app shows my friends as code numbers instead of summoner names. Riot ffs stop removing everything we like, and if you truly do want more money, then you'd come out with shit we would love to see, map packs, announcer packs, so much shit is possible yet you don't want to give us anything. You're starting to turn into EA(before they came out with fallen order of course)
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