Why not keep ALL game modes?

First of all, this is not meant negatively towards riot. I simply don't understand their side of the equation. My question is what does it cost them to simply keep all created game modes? That way everyone is pleased. Some people love URF mode, some love odyssey, some liked ascension, doom bots, hexakill...why take them away, and only please the portion of your player base that likes summoners rift. And what makes new game modes that are kept around special. Like what makes ARAM better than the other game modes, to make it a permanent option? The riot team spend a large portion of time coding and creating these modes I'm sure, only for them to be available a few weeks. Is it a server issue, where they only have a certain amount of space? They would have to dedicate people to fixing bugs or balance issues? Just a question I was wondering now that URF mode came back out(for only a few weeks), and I know the outcry for it has been ridiculous. Thanks.
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