Jungling got you down? Here's what to do:

Having problems figuring out the Jungle this season? Can't understand why you're three levels down and your ganks aren't working? I got you covered. 1) Gank less, farm more. Jungle camps respawn a lot faster now than they did before, meaning you can get a lot more gold and experience through farming on your way to lane to gank 2) Kill Wolves and Gromp. Yes, that's right! Wolves and Gromp are worth taking now, isn't that amazing? Don't discount them -- especially if you're a single-target Jungle champion! 3) Buy Tiamat if you're AD, but not an AoE Jungler. You'll thank me when you can farm Chickens and Krugs at a reasonable pace 4) COUNTER-JUNGLE. Yes, counter-jungling is back! Since camps respawn so fast now, counter-jungling your opponent lets you know when _their_ camps are up so you can be there in time to steal them again! Alternatively, leave one creep up on Krugs, Chickens, or Wolves to deny them the gold and experience that they're trying to farm for. This will put them much further behind now than before! 5) Pick an objective-heavy Jungler if you want. Dragons are super important this time around and you can get two different Heralds! I'm not talking about Ulanopo and Djinn here, either. I mean those big ol' giant angry-bois in the Baron pit. Objective control this time around will be huge! 6) Buy Sanguine Blade if you're an AD farm Jungler. That attack speed and dueling potential is 200/10 even after the nerf
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