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Marksmen bring nothing to the game that another role cant bring while also bring something else. The next patch is suppose to make adcs (marksmen) _feel _ better to play. That sounds good, but, take the IE change, it's losing more stats than the 200g cheaper price is worth. I know that to make up for this it's getting the 50% more dmg with crits to creeps. However, how does that help when everything is taken so quickly anyhow, it's a placebo, thats it. I see from time to time people say that adcs are still played more than anything else, which is true, but did you expect every adc main just to stop playing adcs? They are still trying to make the role they love work. I have also heard people, including riot, say that they are happy to see more divesity, but does it really add anything if that new champs going bot were just the top picks from top and mid going bot while pushing 4-10 usable out in the cold (an unusable state).__ Im not going to lie to myself here, this is a rant from a player that more or less only played league for the past 4-5 years now not playing any because of the new way riot wants the game played. ~~ sorry for the rant - an upset player {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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