Who Do You Find The Most Attractive?

Whether it be aesthetically, physically, or sexually, which Champion(s) do you find to be the most beautiful? People always talk about who's their favorite based on Lore or gameplay, and I just got curious and wanted to know if there's any correlation between those and appearance. When it comes to female champions, my choice goes out to {{champion:25}}. The wings, coupled with the fact that she remains barefoot, are just aesthetically pleasing. With the runny make up and lavish dress, there's a certain grace to her, albeit distorted, that gives her a uniqueness all her own. Plus, I just love chain imagery, and she utilizes it perfectly. For male champions, the choice is simple; {{champion:119}}. Full body tattoos, facial hair, and a killer body. {{sticker:sg-jinx}} However, the champion I find most pleasing to the eye overall is {{champion:40}}. Everything about her is light and graceful, almost ethereal, and when looking at her, no matter how close she might be, she always seems distant. Even though she wears very little, I find her beauty to be a bit more subtle than with some other female champions.
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