As someone who used to enjoy NB3's videos, I'm disgusted

He decided that it was okay to flame another player for playing something off meta (there was some griefing involved however). Meanwhile, NB3 commonly picks off meta things in the jungle. I am also disgusted at Riot for taking someone so toxic seriously, and giving them preferential treatment. What I am proud to say is that I've dropped a dislike on all of NB3's recent vids. While I haven't said much that already hasn't been said, we need to give NB3 as well as Riot the message that this behavior is not okay and disgusting. So I encourage you all to do whatever you can, disliking NB3's vids, upvoting posts criticizing Riot for this, and anything else that will tell NB3 and Riot that what they did was horrible and should NEVER happen again.
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