After 7 months and 88 ranked games, I am proudly hit Gold 4 in solo queue. Thanks god Im done with 1 of them. Man even though i get 23-25 on wins and 15-17 on loses it took me awhile. Note that I am ARAM focused player and i rarely play SR and when I played ranked i queued as fill only. Maybe i could get higher with my MMR but I am really tired of ranked and the coinflip so I am content to reach gold for 2nd time from 2014 ( the other one was 2 years ago with Victorius Graves). Now off we go for Flex and ah boy this or the old Dynamic queue are my worst because I usually fight vs 3 man party +a duo on enemy team rather frequently than not and always i get the jungle role and i get invaded. Wish me luck boys, IM GOING IN. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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