How to carry games as top lane, low diamond

I hit diamond for the first time last season abusing the aatrox rework when it first happened. I could snowball my lane early and then just run around the map taking towers and lives. I also did it with ornn and Darius. But now that those strong champs have all been nerfed, iv'e been finding it hard to carry a game from top lane. I can often win lane, out cs, and out kill my lane opponent at 10 minutes. I can't find anyone streaming from toplane, the enemy toplaners don't seem to push a lead to victory either. I don't know what to do with a toplane lead to push the game through. If I roam it seems I just let my laner back in the game with free CS, tower plates, and potential kills on my teamates going up to hold that lane. If I don't roam, it's just a 50/50 shot to see if my team will win/lose the game
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