I've been 6/0, I've been 0/6

And you've been 6/0 and you've been 0/6. Stop fucking calling people bad when they go 0/1 or 0/2 in lane. Stop flaming teammates for every fucking mistake. And stop pretending like you are the fucking source of all league knowledge where the only thing that works is "the build you know", and then I'm "fucking bad" if my build path isn't what you thought was good. If it's working IS IT ACTUALLY FUCKING BAD? How come when I go onto Mobafire, IT DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THERE BEING 1 ITEM THAT YOU HAVE TO GET FIRST FOR SAID CHAMP, OR YOU'RE JUST BAD AT LEAGUE. DEPENDING ON WHAT CHAMP YOU PLAY, YOU CAN KIND OF BUY ANYTHING AND IT WILL STILL WORK IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. I see guides on there for a ton of champs where it's literally a wide variety of items and build paths are considered. You're fucking bad at league if all you do is criticize build paths, and flame teammates telling them "oh I'm gold, 1v1 me, noob, you're just a bad bronzie". Not everyone has fucking 3 hours per day to spend in ranked for months and months. I could be gold, I just don't play enough. So fuck you, you're bad for flaming people.
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