Disable Yuumi until further notice

Shes been out long enough that people have "figured out" how to play her, though its not hard to play her, attaching yourself to the carry or bruiser and pressing abilities as soon as they are off cooldown. You can't escape her poke that she can guide if her ally runs towards your general direction, and you literally cannot target her unless you kill her whole team in a teamfight first as she heals them the whole jumping to whoever needs it. You need get extremely lucky and precise if you ever want to catch her as she hops to teammates since it takes like less than a second for her to do it with no cooldown. Lets not forget the literal free stats that she shares with allies to top it all off. Also, besides balance itself, i'm so damn tired of seeing her EVERY blinds match now for free wins so i cant even have fun in those, being forced to do unranked draft where she is permabanned just like ranked. Leave it to Riot to buff her not even a week after release since people cry she was too underpowered, now look what she is? Her ban rates exceeding 50% at the highest ranks just like the other cancer champs like Akali or Yasuo. Her winrates are not a factor just like Akali's was considering Riot STILL nerfed Akali despite having a sub-par winrate in lower elos because how broken the kit was depending on how the champion is played, but this time the champion is much simpler as well. Guess we have to add yet another champion to the pick or ban list for a year atleast judging from how long Riot takes to balance properly, because we all know how the Riven "nerfs" went recently... You know how for literally every champion that isnt Yuumi, if you decide that THAT is the champion you want to focus in the match then you can do it? If you want to focus the Soraka that is healing her whole team, then do it. Well for Yuumi you cant, either get extremely lucky that you get her in the 0.5 seconds she re-attaches or she is by herself which is almost never especially in higher ranks.
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