I Want a New Skin for Zoe

I love the Champion and I love her design. I always and will always want new skins for her. > "How can you say that when Zoe's already gotten a skin? What about Ornn?" I want a new skin for Ornn, too. I don't care about Ornn and it makes no difference to me whether or not he gets any skins. I still want him to get a new skin, though, because there _are_ people who care about him, and I want him to get a skin for their sake. I hope Ornn gets a skin, and I hope he gets it soon. Most of all, I hope it's a good skin that people can get excited about, unlike the response Mecha Aurelion Sol or Dunkmaster Ivern or even Count Kledula got. >"Zoe doesn't need another skin. What about Taliyah?" I also want Taliyah to get a skin. She deserves one, and I'm hoping she'll be in the new Star Guardians. >"Zoe got a skin nine months after her release. (Udyr/Skarner/Rek'Sai/Kindred/Taric/Kalista/Tryndamere/Zac/etc) haven't gotten a skin a in years." Yes, I get it. We all get it. There are Champions who are starved for skin. It's tragic, and unjust, and they shouldn't get ignored like they do. But if I want to make a thread talking about skin ideas for Zoe, please don't clog it up with the same responses about unrelated Champions we've already seen dozens of times. I see it happen all the time in threads talking about skins. If I make a post about Champion A, mentioning Champions K, Q, and Z are not relevant to the discussion and just feel like an attack on the person posting. That's the worst part. The person who created the post just wanted people who also love their Champion to contribute to the discussion, but instead get flooded with responses that make them out to be uncaring and inconsiderate of other Champions. >"But if we don't say something, how are we going to bring attention to the issue?" Go make your own thread. Make one as often as you want. But don't try to use someone else's thread as a platform for these issues. No one appreciates having their post hijacked by unrelated responses. So can we finally stop doing this, please? Just because I say I want a skin for my Champion doesn't suddenly mean I want all other Champions to get ignored.
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