Zed is probably one of the most boring champions to play against sometimes. (rant)

It literally feels like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. If he guesses which way you're going to dodge once when he throws his combo he now has kill pressure for the rest of lane. Getting hit by 2 zed Q's and an E brings you down to half health at least. Now you can barely walk into exp range for the melees. Because if you walk up further than that with his W up he'll just do the same thing without even need to land a Q and just auto ign you and proc electrocute again. It's probably the most unfun thing ever. It gets even worse in Zed's position because if he misses he literally becomes the most garbage champion in the game for like 12 seconds and now has to play barely sit in exp. range of his own minions for or else he'll take half his health not being able to do anything. I feel like, in theory, Zed is a great champion, but with how high damage is it just becomes a guessing game of where Zed is going to throw his Q's at you, and if he misses them you just win lane because you can just zone and freeze off minions, but if he wins he gets to zone and freeze you off minions. I know when he doesn't have his W he becomes susceptible to ganks, but when you don't have a decent jungler it's just the most boring lane ever. Being forced to rush Tabi and Seekers as a mage.
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