Fiddlesticks update, there is one minor thing i want to see very badly for his update.

Or more precisely hear. Nothing goes better with fear than some spooky sounding music the enemy might begin to hear from one of fids abilities like in a horror movie. A small example of what we already have in game for this is swain, when you start up in game you hear his little theme play. What I really wanna hear from Fid is something like that but just much more creepier. I know this might give away his hiding spot (riot mentioned they want him to be ambushy) or give enemies time to react to whatever gameplay mechanic he might have to surprise people but im sure riot will give players a way to respond to his ambushs anyway as they really like to give counterplay to these types of play styles. Some examples of what i think would be scary to hear before Fid jumps out and surprises you somehow/spooky themes that could be tied to one or more of his abilities. Might just be a small thing on my part, but i think it would definitely creep people out to hear these kinds of ambient horror themed spoops and help play with the theme of horror they want to take on Fiddle. {{champion:9}} "I feel your fear..."
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