Make server for Canada

First of all I want to say that I have traveled over 30 countries and I have nothing to do with racism or race discrimination as I am someone who loves different cultures and people. BUT I don't know whats the problem with Canadian people who plays on NA , I swear by my own experience they are all either feeding or insulting. PLEASE MAKE SERVER FOR CANADA SO WE HERE ON NA CAN HAVE PEACE. For no reason duo trolls who were Canadian wrote that they were feeding and throwing and even our jungler tried to ask don't do that lets play as team they didn't care. I know now that most of you will say that it isn't about Canadians it is just trolls etc. However by my own experience I have seen over 40 or 50 Canadian player here on NA and all of them were trolls for no reason, I would say maybe they hate us Americans or something. PLEASE I BEG RIOT MAKE SERVER FOR THEM .
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