Im getting reported because riot makes balanced champs :)

Some know what i am talking about some dont. Im talking about the broken champs like {{champion:19}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:86}} ({{champion:498}} and {{champion:497}} when they are both bot) well they are more than this but my point is that it is not fair that im getting reported because im losing my lane from champions like this i counted and im trying my best to be really good guy you know non toxic no cursing and things like that but it is really hard when someone plays darius kills you 20 times and everytime he says EZ and the main problem here is that im in silver and i see guys picking these champs non stop and there is no counter play that gives chance to bronze player that fail every flash everytime to climb from bronze to diamond and even more. Thank you for reading
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