TOS allowing smurfs

I don't see why this should be allowed i went from plat 2 and suddenly went on 10 loss streaks with like 2 wins in bewteen now im plat 4 every game i come into there is always atleast 1 smurf and it sucks and it is one of the reason why i can't enjoy this game anymore getting vs twitch lulu smurfs and you are just getting no chance to even play also mostly smurfs don't take their smurfing acc has serious so ive been dealing with many supports trolling me (they were smurfing) so i just want peoples thoughts on this because im losing hope in this game i just recently got perm banned on 2 accs because i keep going on 10 loss streak and im not enjoying the game in any kind of way im just going into a champ select knowing im gonna play vs smurfs and idc about that (oh well you have smurfs on your team) because i get inted by smurfs i get trolled by them they flame me cuz im not a chall with 1000lp im a plat 4 player and im honestly just gonna quit im getting banned for weird reasons i get blamed by teammates if my supp leaves the game i get punish for it im not even allowed to lead the support because hes smurfing and when starts flaming me (i used to play league every game but its impossibel to me even playing 2 games per day) Riot please i love this game but its getting too much out of hand for me i can't keep my mental up i will have to quit this game forever i know im a nobody but it just really sucks cuz i dont think im the only one going though this hell :(
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