League destroys my computers. 5th in a row now.

To cut it short, this is the 5th gaming laptop that went through 1 reclamation and soon it's gonna be another one as I see it. The first one I had I was using almost 2 years. Then I started playing League actively and soon it stopped working. All 4 laptops that followed have been in 3-4 reclamations before I just threw them away and bought another one. All the same. Different brands (Lenovo, MSI, one which I can't remember). This year with my 5th one I didn't play League much. More didn't than did. Last month I got into it again and started playing more actively. And guess what. This is the fourth time it froze and I had to restart in the middle of the game - after what, 4 months of no problems. The conclusion is clear: League is destroying my computers. No, I'm not hitting it when I get tilted. It's just from playing the game often. Any help? I'm desperate, I'll actually do anything.
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