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What if Rito humored ranked with 2 rounds of bans to help with counter picking a little bit? In short I think Riot should keep bans at around a 10% reduction of champ pool. _1st round 5 bans 1 for each player (as per usual)_ _2nd round (to prevent duplicate banning) the first 2 players on each team doing 1 more ban each_ That brings the **champ pool of 143** (excluding Sylas) **down -9.7%** (14 champions) where as the **current reduction is -6.9%** (10 champions) - As a side note there could be a 3rd ban phase of 1 ban each team that is a random champion in the pool of the entire pool (so a current banned champion can be duplicated just to keep the RNG balanced) So it wouldn’t be a major shift in the pick/ban phase but evens out the playing field a little bit for first picks I think. * 10 Bans were introduced in patch 7.11 when the champ pool was at 136 (before Kayn, Ornn, Xayah, Rakan, Zoe, Pyke, & Kai'Sa) Overall champ pool reduction -7.3% * 6 Bans Pre Patch 7.11 (1 Day Before 7.11 goes live) with champ pool at 136 is a reduction of -4.4% * 6 Bans End of Season 4 with champ pool at 121 is a reduction of 4.9% I also think this makes people keep a more diverse pool of champs in their position they can play by needing to _**learn more champs organically**_, as with learning champs organically it **_might improve player mechanics_ **as well in the competitive setting of ranked with LP on the line, which is a different attitude than regular draft in my opinion.
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