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As my IGN indicates, this is account is an {{champion:427}} main. I am doing an Un-Rank to Challenger challenge with a friend whom mains Top lane. However, {{champion:427}} is a lost champion that has seen less and less play time since release (0.81% play according to the link above with a ban rate of 0.04%). So what are the glaring issues with this champion? For starters, he is a pure jungler with no real lane potential. Some will say his Support is a possible pick, but he has no passive for support play and really is just a niche pick for that if he gets a diving melee champion like {{champion:107}} . So this champion really only fits in the Jungle. The issue is that he is currently ranked as a C rank Jungler out of the S,A,B,C rankings in patch 9.1 from pros and streamers. How does a pure jungler hit the worst spot in the meta while other junglers can play lanes? Simply put, he is a support jungler and support junglers require teams that work. This is why in Solo Q, {{champion:427}} is garbage; but Riot can fix this with little buffs that I believe would make this champion shine to at least A tier. **Buffs**: (R) Daisy needs to stick on her target better. Her Movement Speed (MS) is just slow and the model is too slow to react to changes. This might be a tool tip or coding issue, but she should have 419 MS and acts like she has 319 MS. She is always behind and never catches up. One way to address this is to obviously fix her coding if that is the issue. Another way is to have her scale off of {{champion:427}} MS and other stats maybe. 1. Change stat ratios to include tank stats to {{champion:427}}. Right now, {{champion:427}} is not a potential 1v9 or 1v5 champion. His long base CD's, lack of damage, & low survival is core issue. Daisy is there to soak damage, block abilities, and provide the line knock-up CC every 4-5 seconds and I think that is fine for his Ultimate. But his W, Q, and E abilities lack power to make a difference in the current game. His passive is also an issue in the current meta. I think the best option is to keep him as a support jungler, but allow him to build off tank to increase his skills potentials. 1.1: (E) Have his E scale off his bonus Armor instead of AP ratio. This makes more since as {{champion:427}} is unable to build full AP anyways and the current ratio on his shield is 80% with rank 5 (R5) shield at 220 with damage at R5 140. This is terrible overall, not to mention the CD is R1: 12 sec - R5 8 sec. At 40% (45%) CDR, the shield is a 5 second CD and it just does not have the power of other shield users as the Slow proc is low (60% at max rank). 1.2: (W) Have his W provide bonus magic damage for him and his allies instead of just him; but remove his range attack (keep him melee). Have this scale off MR instead of AP. I'm thinking a bonus 5/15/25/35/45 is a nice value system with something like a bonus 5/10/15/20/25% of the {{champion:427}} bonus MR. It isn't ground breaking, but adds that unique support design that benefits team play and solo play. 1.3: (Q) Have his Q projectile speed increase. I think this is the only thing this ability needs. It is unique in that people are able to jump to the targets location and has a good distance range; but the speed is a bit slow. Increase the speed from 1300 to maybe 1500 or 1800 is a suitable change that wont make or break him; but will help his ganking potential overall. 1.4: Passive speed duration: Part of the game is to counter jungle. {{champion:427}} does this decently, but his main issue is that he literally damages himself with no way to return his lost mana or hp from the jungle items. In addition; he has to wait a very long time in the early levels to get a camp. This allows any good jungler to just take his camps while he waits to take them; outside of using smite to instant take. Lowering it from 40-1 sec to 30-1 sec will aid in his jungle control. However, if this is not a possible outcome; adding a passive bonus to his HP regen and Mana regen for each camp waiting to be freed will help manage his low HP and Mana issues at early levels. That about summons all of my concerns with this champion. There isn't much to change to make him more viable. I think having his stick to being a support jungler is healthy for the game for both Pro and Solo Q. Since this champion in general is about peace and harmony, building off of defensive items over damage items is better overall for his kit. Let him provide the support and damage mitigation as that fits the champions design more than the current design.
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