"watch e-sports, get rewards"

Riot makes a great, fun, player driven moba that is hugely successful because it had a team that cared about it's **players** and was a blast to play. Riot enters the entertainment sphere by joining e-sports. Players enjoy playing the game, so they find it enjoyable to watch as well. Riot then shifts their focus into balancing and designing the game to be more entertaining to watch than it is to play. Players get upset about balance and design decisions as Riot becomes less and less focused on or concerned about it's **players**. Less players enjoy watching lol e-sports as a result of the frustrating design and balance decisions make the game less fun to **play**. Riot's conclusion? Better try to cram more lcs down their throats by dangling a carrot of sneaking behind the pay wall with rewards for watching. Better try to push lcs to more venues and focus EVEN MORE on e-sports. Or, idk guys, maybe you could, like, actually try to focus on making the game fun to **play** for the **players** that made it famous? **extra special hint: if the game is more fun to play, more people will willingly be inclined to watch lcs.
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