Are you kidding me riot???

Hey everybody; With the start of a new season, all grades on champs were reset, allowing players to obtain more chests when they score S- and above on PvP, since I was waiting for a chance of something cool, like a champ skin or ward skin, emotes perhaps lol even summoner icon I'm fine with it, but nooooo I STILL GET CHAMP SHARDS, like wtf? I got far enough with level up capsules, heck even honor capsules don't seem honoring yet they give you more champ shards, and now hextech chests said oh you don't like champ shards? I got you covered pal, here some more... it sucks ,now I have to wait another season to know what "champion" I would get from HTC. I do understand that it relies on luck sometimes you get lucky and obtain skin shards or other loots, but it breaks the thrill to see more champs from them, perhaps this was good way in the old system but now we all have other ways to earn them. I'm sick of this crappy system, sure I can disenchant them for more BE still , otherwise this whole honor & level up progress is unnecessary & irrelevant tbh. tl;dr - Champ shards should be removed from hextech chests allowing for more balance to get variety of loots (champ skin, ward skin, emotes & summoner icons). What do you think?
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