Season 9 matchamking in a nutshell

Ràre joined the lobby Wıcky joined the lobby erica979 joined the lobby Zeikoth joined the lobby momentofcrisis joined the lobby Ràre: Riot Believes i can play Top lane at a gold 1 - plat 4 level Ràre: Matchmaking team is smoking crack erica979: u want jg ? Ràre: fuck no im dodging Ràre: Riot can blow me Ràre: they want fast matchmaking Ràre: they can fuck off Ràre: waiting till last second to dodge Ràre: fuck this company momentofcrisis: get gud Ràre: or u know erica979: why not just dodge now ??? Ràre: they could just give me main role momentofcrisis: sucks to suck Ràre: nah im waiting till last second Ràre: riot can blow me Ràre: faster matchmaking Ràre: my asshole
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