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Hey babes, hope you're all well!! I recently watched the trailer for the new enchanter and I like Yuumi, super super cutie! But I wish we had a male could of been the manliest man on earth or the fruitiest cake, I just wish we had a male to break this stigma of "only girls play enchanters" and "enchanters can only have vaginas" because I personally would of loved to have a squishy little fairy boy or a giant hairy beast shooting out little heal bolts, and OOF! you could of even made Yuumi a male!!! But these are just my personal thoughts though, I like that Riot is immersing themselves into more diversity with champions, and even if we don't have the male enchanter we ( some ) all desired, I am still very happy with Yuumi! Good job Riot!! ā™”ā™”ā™” _ "Everyone's pain tastes different. What flavor is yours?"_ {{champion:28}}
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