100%, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, of the time, when someone cries about "forced 50% matchmaking"

\>less than 5 cs per minute almost every game \>zero control wards every game \>wrong builds \>wrong masteries \>no main champion \>no main class \>no main role \>gray KDA "RiOt Is HoLdInG mE dOwN" #Try fucking improving yourself instead of shifting the blame Here's a start. Here was _my_ start. Here's the SINGLE reason I touched plat in season 7 after being hardstuck bronze and silver for 4 seasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GBBBo68AZY ######Maybe not THE single reason. I was inting or leaving about half my games before, while also blame shifting, while also refusing to improve. After that account got banned for meanwords™, I went back to inting and leaving half my games xd
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