I cannot carry silver games, my experience

Decided to smurf on my silver games while being high plat & diamond on my main, and this is my experience down there. So first off, I normally play characters which are scaling or team oriented such as Kayle, Cho'gath, Nasus. That being said, silver is absolutely elo bell. These champs do not work in silver elo at all. What ends up happening is none of the laners know how to properly play around a carry or delay the game. During the laning phase, if ANY of your laners lose lane, it is never something slightly like 0/1/0 with -20 CS and down 1 level. It is always some massive stomp where your laner is 0/5/0, -60 CS, down 2/3 levels. Generally your laners also lose turret before plating falls. It doesn't matter if I outfarm my laner by 30/40 CS, if by the time I press tab at 12 minutes I see mid turret gone and the enemy laner is 6/0/0. At this point, they just roam the map and one-shot people, then the game is over. Additionally, teamplay or instincts don't exist in silver at all. For example in my diamond games if I notice that bot has priority and our jungler is botside, I intentionally try to overextend so the jungler ganks me. They get a kill, we force get dragon due to their jungler being top. However this doesn't work in silver at all, the jungler will just not take dragon and just flames in allchat. During teamfights people are incapable of tanking for the carries. For some reason, the people on the team will never sacrifice any of their spells or health for the sake of defending a carry. You are a 0/2/0 pantheon and have a fed 10/0/0 vayne, and both of you get caught out? Pantheon will always try running out and abandoning the vayne, even in situations where he could of sacrificed himself to make sure vayne gets out. Body blocking isn't even a thing in this elo, it literally feels like your playing mini-games of 1v1 during teamfights where everyone runs around like chickens and the word 'teamplay' doesn't exist. The ADC's try to assassinate each other and have no concept of positioning, and you get flamed if you attack a tank as an ADC even if it getting to their backline means you are standing in range of their melee champs. The players in this elo give up soooooo easily, they don't even try to mitigate losses at all. Is your laner 1/0, with +1 plate and 20 CS up? Do I play safe and CS? No, I gotta keep repeatedly dueling him. And by the time they are 0/4, they just spam ff@15 in chat and go afk. --- What has your experience in iron-silver been like?
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