The thing about TFT

1. Fucking garbage ass gamemode. LUCK REQUIRED TO WIN GAMES. 2. Skill not needed once you know the entire layout. 3. All about luck if you can get the champs or not to tier 3, or have items. 4. Gold earned is dogshit from monsters-cannot compete with items cause so little gold earned. 5. Would be nice if it wasn't all about luck the entire time. 6. Riot, you should get fucking rid of the rng system. 7. People with shit rng gets shit on so hard. 8. Why the fuck are there so much visual bugs: GAREN, FACE TANKING KENNEN, BAD MOVEMENT FROM CHAMPS IN GENERAL THAT THEY LOOK R%%%%%%%%%% ps. I'd rather go fucking play a gamble game than this shit tier autochess gambler game.
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