What is up with this?

Gold I - 57 LP - Decent game, nothing spectacular, everyone on the team does their job more or less and we win. Gold I - 84 LP - I fall behind early but my team pulls it through while Lee is camping me and takes over the bot side. Gold I - 100 LP - First promo match. I get my secondary role. Mid doesn't want to swap and goes Ornn mid. Blitzcrank jungle whose "client is bugged" and "can't buy support items" so builds full AP. Senna ADC with Miss Fortune support. The whole team except me are plat players with negative winrates. ??????????? I don't want to even try carrying these people. They don't deserve to play with anyone but each other. Stop matching them with people who actually try to climb. This is not "part of the experience." It's a blighted cancerous lump on an otherwise excellent game.
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