So about the new league of legends themed games

I'm definitely excited to see that league is potentially coming in some form to consoles - though I'm sad that it is apparently going to be what seems to be a dumbed down version of league - (notice ashe's arrow?). In my mind I'm hoping for something that is similar to diablo 3's game mechanics just better, but I know the reality is it will likely not be. Knowing that it's not going to be released until sometime in 2021 or later makes me worry that I won't get to enjoy it due to the realities of growing older. It also kind of bums me out that I didn't see any gameplay for some of my favorite champs. The card game looks fun. It reminds me of the card game from digimon world 3. I've downloaded it and am ready to test it out. all i've got to do is be accepted. i've played many games like it from gwent, to hearthstone, to animation throwdown, etc. I'm wondering what crazy lore is snuggled inside some of these cards and how each faction is represented. Here's hoping I get to collect all of my favorite champs and that the cards do them justice. Lastly - Please consider bringing TFT to console and not just mobile and have it be crossplay since it's not a big deal if someone uses controller, touch screen, or mouse and keyboard to play it. Thanks for reading. Please add comments below about what you think of the new riot games games.
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