I don't normally take issue with these things, but prestige points are honestly a joke.

I honestly very rarely take issue with riots' new methods of making money; I liked the idea of the lancer Blitzcrank skins and the like, but the new prestige points system is honestly not fair. Currently the only way of getting prestige points is by buying chest bundles, specifically the 10 pack blood moon capsules. Each of these packs give you 40 of the required 100 points to get blood moon Aatrox, and are cost 6750 RP. You can also buy the blood moon pass in order to get another 20 Points. This means that the cheapest way of getting enough prestige points is to buy two packs of 10 capsules and then the pass, which in total is cost 15,250 RP, or just under £80's worth of RP. This is the easiest way of getting prestige points. There is no free method like with the other prestige skins, and this method will only work until the blood moon event has passed. Every other fancy skin like prestige Aatrox (other prestige skins/ golden chromas) have had a way of earning them by playing games or completing missions. Not this skin. This is an £80 skin, and is effectively on scale. (I did the Maths for how much it would be cost to get with masterwork boxes, and it equaled out to being cost just over £100's worth of RP). But hey, think of the sense of pride and accomplishment you can enjoy after you get it!
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