Looking for Friendship in all the Wrong Places.

-Do you enjoy playing league of legends? -Have all your friends that used to play league of legends stopped playing or moved on to other games? -Do you want to play a lot of games but feel lonely when you play because you play alone? -Would you like to play more ranked games but don’t trust riot to que you with competent players? -Do you need more online friends to play games and share memes with? I**f you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you’re in luck. Try adding me! I will play many games of league of legends with you! ** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} -Want to try some crazy bot lane comp? I’m in! -Want to work on improving your gameplay? I’ll support your endeavor! -Would you like to vent about the latest patch notes and how you think they’re bullsh*t? Let’s converse! -Does dark/inappropriate humor filled with coarse language tickle your fancy? F*ck Yeah! Who do you add? DRAGØN What does he play? Jungle, Support, and ADC. What server does he play on? NA What rank is he? Gold 2 (Solo/Duo), Gold 4 (Flex 5’s/Flex 3’s), and Gold 1 (TFT) _Advisory: Friendship is not guaranteed, ranked competency may vary from game to game, positive overall experience is subject to change. see DRAGØN for more details. _
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