If I am silver 1, I should NOT have a platinum player on my team, nor on the enemy team.

https://i.imgur.com/IqtF126.png I don't care that the gold 5 Janna is duo queued with the plat 5 Graves, this should never exist. I should never have to play against someone who is ladder rank 117,000 while I am at ladder rank 668,000, meaning that there are 500,000 other players in between our skill difference. You should not be allowed to duo queue with someone who is an entire division ahead of you, there is such a skill difference between a platinum 5 player, and a gold 5 player. This applies to both parties, I don't want a platinum 5 player on my team either because it's completely unfair for the enemy team, legit my platinum 5 was ADC and their ADC was Silver 1, guess who won lane? Please don't let this type of shit continue to next season, it happens literally all the time and I cannot stand it anymore. **This is ranked solo queue btw** Edit: **More proof that this is infact solo queue. ** https://i.imgur.com/6A1OXsT.png
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