New Ranked Season 2019, The community said no but Riot dosen't care

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Hey everyone! Ed "SapMagic" Altorfer, the lead for Ranked, back again. Earlier this year, we detailed a broad set of updates to Ranked aimed at making your games more fair, your rank more accurate, and the grind less, well, grindy.
Ok so some months ago riot was like: we are going to be releasing a system that makes you rank up 5 times and of course the community (for once) being reasonable said hey, that's a bad idea, i don't like that and they said that for every ranked update... me personally i hate the changes. i don't want want to rank up 5 times in a complex system when the system we have already is fine and enjoyable, like they want to suck league of legends dry until there is no more! Look at the feedback nothing but people telling them no, but their response is literally "we hear your feedback but we don't care we are going to do it anyway, since when do we listen to our player base? infact just to add fire to the flames, we are going to showcase this in different regions just so we can report any good feedback we get so we can implement it anyway" like do we really want to support a company like this who has literally no respect for their player base? they asked for feedback they got nothing but negative feedback AND THEY ARE STILL DEVELOPING IT, like they don't even care! the people behind this needs to be fired or either go back to elementary school because they apparently cant read. Many people like the old system the way it is, now they already said they are improving matchmaking and rewards you do get from ranked awesome! but we really don't need this unnecessary change, how about this riot, you do this **GO CREATE ANOTHER GAME and put all of your shit in there**, that way you don't have to ruin this game! or **HIRE PEOPLE WITH COMMON SENSE** this game is all over the damn place! like you get all this backlash and Negative feedback from the community even FROM PRO PLAYERS and you just keep doing the wrong thing! like trying to make League into a battle royal! GO MAKE A DIFFERENT GAME AND MAKE IT INTO A BATTLE ROYAL its.not.that.hard. and riot knows what they are doing they know how to fix it they are far from morons but they don't want to they want to be "hip" and make alot of profit and there is nothing wrong with tweaks to the game here and there but when you go so far its just frustrating. and the employees are too brain washed to see anything! that or they don't want to speak up in fear of losing their job but i mean why would they speak up league is their job they don't have to play it as far as we know league could mean nothing more than a paycheck to these guys not a fun game they grew up with so they don't care about the state of the game i know alot of people make "riot is bad" posts, but it becomes common knowledge and instead of trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of fans who once loved their game they just spit on them. they are making so many rash decisions with getting negative feedback from the community they put it into their game. and we are stuck with it and we have to deal with it and whenever riot announces something new and stupid, nobody has any say but the people in the LC$ they make tons of changes for their nonexistent viewers in the words of Nami: {{champion:267}} - "_don't force my hand_" I just wish riot would consider the** long term effects and reputation of their damn company**! I did take business principals and management and i'm in the process of getting my degree in business right now along with managing the company that i already own and i can tell you its hard to please everyone it really is, but when you have negative feedback after negative feedback to the point where your pro players are having issues its time to Stop everything that you are doing and address the problem directly to avoid too much damage to the company. you HAVE to understand that the game is its own separate entity attached to the company's name! you cannot turn a once beloved game into trash AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO RESPECT YOU! you will go down in history as a bad company and any other titles you create will be less than respected look at EA they reputation is ruined because they refused to listen to their player base and focus on the side of money! making profit is awesome BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER SACRIFICE IT OVER YOUR MOST POPULAR GAME! ask EA how that went. its not too late for riot games its really not. i suggest they pull a runescape and make a legacy client with IP and everything the whole nine yards. but if they continue down this path they will lose their player base and their game will die. TL;DR: Go look at the comments on position rankes 2019 shit
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