You wouldn't work without pay. Why should Riot?

Riot have released a TON of new, visual content that doesn't affect gameplay in the upcoming update I see the top comments are already "pfft I have to buy a pass? greedy Riot" Yes it feels bad to not access everything but Riot are a company, producing content we should pay for if we want to. We're so spoiled by all the free shit we get, we moan when we have to actually open our wallets haha I haven't spent a penny in 2 years and here's what I've got in that time: - Elementalist Lux - Project Vayne - Blood Moon Thresh - Heartbreaker Lucian - Cosmic Rakan - Elderwood Leblanc - Headhunter Caitlyn - Luchador Mundo - Pentakill Mordekaiser - Pulsefire Shen - Super Galaxy Gnar The fact I get more than 1 skin per year is insane Riot are actually really generous and people still aren't happy!
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